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The air park is an unusual suburban real estate. Real residences for aircraft owners are being built along the runway. The areas associated with the airfield infrastructure are harmoniously and safely combined with everyday comfort.

A promising direction in the design of the company is the design of air parks. An air park is a complex of structures that includes both buildings and facilities for the production and provision of flights, as well as individual hangars for a given type of aircraft with lofts for accommodation and recreation of owners and their families, as well as territories with facilities for leisure, active recreation and entertainment of citizens of the Russian Federation.

What is Aeropark or Aerovillage?

The term "aviation village" or "aeropark" is used to refer to small airfields or airports located outside urban centers and designed to serve private aircraft, as well as small airlines and charter flights.
Air parks and air villages arose from the need to service private airliners and small local airlines that were not able to operate at large urban airports. Air villages usually have several runways, a complex of buildings containing offices, technical centers, hangars.

Recently, the concept of an "airpark" has been further developed, where, in addition to the airfield, restaurants, hotels, sports facilities such as a golf course or spas are being created. All this promotes a new type of tourism associated with private aviation.
In general, the "airpark" or "airvillage" is a convenient and comfortable alternative to large airports for small airlines and private airliners, because. they provide their customers with greater freedom in choosing the place and time of arrival and service.

History of air parks

The American city of Spruce Creek was a small military town with an airfield. After the end of World War II, similar settlements with runways in the United States turned out to be significantly more than the civilian authorities needed for conventional air transportation. In addition, there were more than 300 thousand military pilots who turned out to be unclaimed.
In this situation, enterprising Americans decided to create several thousand air parks throughout the country, which would allow them to save aircraft facilities, employ thousands of people, revive the “private aviation” market, and give everyone the opportunity to fulfill their dream of becoming a private pilot.

Grandiose plans eventually embodied in the creation of not thousands, but several hundred such aviation towns, which began to be called air parks for the combination of an airfield with urban amenities and well-groomed green spaces in a residential area. Spruce Creek is the most famous and, perhaps, the largest air park in America.
In Russia, with a similar initial situation, things are not so brilliant, but the demand for "air parks" or, as they say in Russia, "aviation villages" exists.

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