We are building

We build in any climatic zone, any size and configuration according to our own projects from reliable
designs of own production

Performance of all types of construction, installation and related works in the construction of aviation
hangars of various types, hangar-type structures of any complexity for storing a variety of
property, installation of hangar doors of our own production on a turnkey basis in various regions of the country
with high quality

Own assembly teams

The customer is relieved of the need to spend time and effort on subcontractors

Own design office

Prompt resolution of issues arising in the construction process and architectural supervision

Own production

Multistage quality control of production at each stage


Development of documentation both for objects designed by the company and for objects designed by third-party design organizations.

Aerodrome infrastructure
Aerodrome infrastructure

Development of design and working documentation for the construction of landing sites for various purposes.

Industrial floors
Industrial floors

Development of design and working documentation for the construction of modern air parks.

Hangars with a loft zone
Hangars with a loft zone

Design of aircraft hangars for aircraft and helicopters for various purposes.

Our roles

The main directions in the context of design

  • General designer services
  • Project management

We are set
for long-term cooperation

LLC PSK RATEL ENGINEERING is a young, dynamically developing company and has a Certificate of Conformity No. SDS.TP.SM.17871-22 QMS for design, including especially dangerous, technically complex and unique capital construction projects.

The company employs highly qualified specialists of the design department who carry out design in modern CAD using BIM technologies with collision analysis of various component systems of the project being issued (CM, CL, power supply, water disposal, sealing system), which allows to optimize the design time.

On designing in areas with permafrost soils, the company actively cooperates with the FGBUN Institute of Permafrost. P.I.Melnikov of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

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