Sliding gates

The classic version of the door for large hangars with a one-height doorway


  • Turnkey design and manufacturing

  • Heating and drainage system for the lower rail area

  • Built-in gates for vehicles and gates for personnel with authorized access systems

  • Innovative materials for door perimeter seals

  • High degree of heat-insulating properties of the door leaf

  • Security systems on each gate leaf

Features of sliding gates

Sliding-and-support gates are most often multi-sectional and fit well into rectangular openings. If you need to block a wide doorway and there is no need to open the entire opening at once, then, like a sliding wardrobe, the sashes roll along the lower rail from one place to another, opening alternately the required part of the opening.

If you need to open the entire gate opening at the same time, there are two options - roll the sections of the door leaf into "pockets" on the sides of the opening, or place them along the walls inside the hangar with a 90-degree turn. In this case, you will have to make guides with a bend along the radius.


MODULAR SLIDING GATES are a profitable purchase


Constructive reliability


  • Constructive reliability
  • The design of the gate requires minimal maintenance, as it is free from cables, hinges and various additional joints.
  • Domestic electric motors provide all the kinematics of the door leaf.




  • Saving the working space of your premises: it does not hide the vertical opening, which is very important for large equipment.
  • Save your money: simple assembly of the frame of the door leaf panel on site reduces the cost of transporting the door set to the customer and makes it possible to supply the customer with a KIT kit for self-installation (supervised installation is possible). Remote control, backup power supply, additional windows and doors built into the door leaf can be ordered separately.


Space for design ideas


Finishing the front surface of the door leaf or insulation can be ordered as part of the project, or can be done by the customer independently

Other types of gates

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Ворота откатные аэропорт “Вельск”

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