Roll-up and folding curtain-type doors

Ideal for hangars in the aviation, shipbuilding, mining industries.

There are no restrictions on the width and height of the gate due to sectionalization

Ideal for gates in the aviation, shipbuilding, mining industries

The gate opens in a vertical direction.

It is possible to manufacture a self-supporting gate portal to relieve loads from the building

Features of curtain gates

Two indisputable advantages of curtain gates are the absence of a lower rail and the ability to block openings of different heights

The ability to open space to the height of the tail stabilizer only in the middle of the gate and not open large spaces above the wings of the aircraft allows you to significantly optimize the volume of the hangar (reduce the metal consumption of the entire hangar structure, reduce the cost of lighting, heating and air conditioning).

Smooth the transition of the platform to the floor of the hangar, the absence of freezing of the lower seal to the floor, the absence of the need to maintain the lower guide significantly increases the operational convenience of curtain doors.

Curtain the gate is significantly lighter than metal sliding gates, and this is especially noticeable when the gate opening is high.


  • The gate opens in a vertical direction. In the process of opening, the lower truss collects on itself all the overlying intermediate slats, to which the door leaf is fixed, and it is folded into folds, forming a compact package above the “clear” opening point.
  • The developed unique profile of the aluminum lamella allows you to transfer wind loads from the door leaf to the half-timbered columns of the building and provides sufficient resistance to wind loads.
  • Remote gate operation is simple and reliable
  • An additional backup gate opening system has been developed.
  • An electric motor with a gearbox is attached to the upper beam of the door frame, the shaft does not experience warping loads due to special swivel units and symmetrical load distribution.
  • Optionally, it is possible to manufacture a self-supporting gate portal if the building structure cannot take on the design loads of the gate. The portal can be mounted to reinforced concrete, metal frame or wooden buildings.
  • Special locks, fixed on the lower truss, insure against the fall of the gate leaf.
  • Created under the import substitution program

Other types of gates

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