Aircraft hangars

engaged in the construction of aircraft hangars on a turnkey basis

One of the activities of the company is the construction of aviation and other hangars with large unsupported spans for the storage and maintenance of aircraft, helicopters or other large-sized equipment, such as mining dump trucks, various agricultural equipment.
Construction is carried out in a short time in compliance with building codes and regulations.
Our installers have experience in the Far North and other difficult climatic zones.

Adaptability for any task

A team of engineers will provide an individual approach to any tasks and goals

Superior Quality Guaranteed

We use the best materials! Our employees are professionals!

Made in Russia

Consumables and service support are always available.

We are set
for long-term cooperation

No. SDS.TP.SM.17871-22 QMS for design, including especially dangerous, technically complex and unique capital construction projects.

The company employs highly qualified specialists of the design department who carry out design in modern CAD using BIM technologies with collision analysis of various component systems of the project being issued (CM, CL, power supply, water disposal, sealing system), which allows to optimize the design time.

On designing in areas with permafrost soils, the company actively cooperates with the FGBUN Institute of Permafrost. P.I.Melnikov of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

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